The idea

Our Lady of Fatima calls our modern times: The days of „final struggle”. While offering her Immaculate Heart as a „shelter”, she gives to the world a mean to overcome the worst temptation of all, that is — losing faith. Without Her Immaculate Heart, the world would be helpless in confronting the “overwhelming actions of a demon”. Through various apparitions (La Salette) and through devout writings, She would identify a remedy for crisis:

„I shall call out an army of soldiers (which are of Jesus and Mary), which shall conquer all obstacles”. That was a project of St. Maximilian — to establish this army. Militia Immaculatae is the name — therefore MI (forwardly named — Knights of The Immaculata).

The vision and teaching of St. Maximilian

Saint Maximilian dragged by concern for living souls, took this struggle against the growing force of enemies of the church. He knew, that one being has been destined to crush satan. Only one woman has aquired the strength to destroy all heresies. Only Blessed Virgin Mary is capable to lead us to an undoubtable victory. Articles of MI state clearly: „She shall crush his head”. The war has been declared, a very real one against forces of hell. Therefore if Immaculata is at command, she shall rule a number of servants, warriors or even slaves to her”. That is why she shall influence all of our actions.

St. Maximilian thought about gathering along a group of so-called knights. In military terms a knight would be someone similar to a bodyguard, someone who stands by his chieftain. This idea of a knight of Blessed Virgin Mary, was very succesfull one, as it drew in millions of people under the Immaculata.

The idea of MI and of how current it is today

Founder of Knights of Immaculata had no doubts that false doctrines and counterfeit religions are deadly poison for souls, as they darken the mind, corrupt logical understanding of reality and cut the souls off the sanctifying grace. Knights who are becoming tools in Her hands, were said to „emanate” the Immaculata. What is more, throughout reasonable means, they would strive for the conversion of sinners, heretics and schizmatics. Nowadays it is not less important as it was almost hundred years ago, for a catholic, to grip a firm spirit. Otherwise he shall be lost in misery. Our enemy has become extremly dangerous through his influence on the world occuring in an invisible, immposible to identify manner. There are many factors, touching us negatively, and especially our children. To name specifically: neverending attempts to manipulate us throughout the media, glorification of various kinds of aggressive behaviour, the stream of advertising devouring our sub-conciousness and last but not least — the widespread of marxist, lefty ideology around the universities and scholar environment — these are few elements which are destructive for our souls. The soul itself, if it is weak, becomes vulnerable to any kind of evil and turns into a „tool”. She shall experience her agony while falling into alcohol abuse, toxic relationship with people, awkwardness towards ordinary life with its issues.

Immaculata as a figure

Our whole spirituality, our prayers and sacrifices, our thoughts, our obligations, every each detail of our life can reach excellence, only if they are put into a pattern and Mary is the pattern. That is to say, one should realise actions in Her, through Her and for Her. Her Immaculate Heart should become a figure according to which one will shape his heart. Immaculata empowers our intellect, being our Queen, she leads us to a final goal, to wit, eternal victory. She herself, appears in our life and commences a transformation appealing to our prayers and our free will. Only when this is made, one can become a knight of Immaculata. She reinforces our souls, to form them in a way which pleases God. Safely and briskly she raises each of her children to ressemble the Incarnate Wisdom — our Lord Jesus Christ. The movement of Knights of Immaculata serves an ideal to follow the Blessed Virgin Mary in ordinary life.

MI and catholic Tradition

In an eve of II Vatican Council the Knights of Immaculata counted 4 milions members both in Poland and the world. Modifications, which occurred after the Council, changed completely the society of MI. Main goal of MI — conversion of sinners, heretics and especially freemasons, has been put aside. The fighting spirit, always present in the Church combative has been gone as well. The role of Immaculata has been lessened. Therefore the M.I. was revived in the spirit and according to the text of its original Statutes on May 6, 2000 by the superior of the Priestly Society of St. Pius X in Poland, Fr. Karl Stehlin (now District Superior of Asia) with the permission of his General Superior, Bishop Bernard Fellay, in keeping with the principles of the supplementary jurisdiction. In France the spread of the M.I. was entrusted to the traditional Capuchin Friars of Morgon. In February 2002 the General Superior wrote in a letter to the members of the Priestly Society: “By all means, I invite you to undertake this wonderful, thoroughly apostolic initiative and to propagate it. We see that it is in perfect agreement with the Fatima message, on the one hand, and on the other hand with that pious devotion toward the Most Blessed Virgin Mary that our Statutes demand of us.” The Society of Knights of Immaculata has as an objective to guard the authentic heritage of MI Traditional Observance faithful to unalternable Catholic Faith.

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