Prayer of St. Maximilian to the Immaculate

Allow me to praise you, O, Most Holy Virgin.

Allow me to praise you at my own expense.

Allow me to live, work, suffer, expire and die for you and only for you.

Allow me to bring the whole world to you.

Allow me to contribute even more greatly to the greatest exaltation of you.

Allow me to bring you such glory as has never been brought to you.

Allow others to outdistance me in fervency of your exaltation, and me them, so that your glory will grow, in noble competition, deeper and deeper, faster and faster, more powerfully, as He wishes, He, Who so inexpressibly exalted you above all beings.

In only you, incomparably, God became more glorified than in all His saints.

For you, God created the world. For you also, God has called me into existence. Whence is this happiness for me?

O, allow me to praise you, O, Most Holy Virgin.