“Knight of the Immaculata” No. 12

“I live only for souls: that is my mission” — this sentence of St. Maximilian is motto of a new issue of “Knight of the Immaculata”. In this statement Saint Maximilian has expressed the purpose of his life and of his whole apostolic activity. His great love of God made him eager to work for the glory of God, that is to work for the salvation of souls.

“Love one another as I have loved you". This Our Lord calls his new commandment. How did Christ love us? He gave everything to save us from eternal misery and to lead us to eternal bliss. So we must ask ourselves: have we loved our neighbour as He has loved him? Do we often think of the salvation of souls? Most of the time we don't care about it. And if we wish someone well, it often boils down to health, well-being and success. Therefore, the Lord sends us help, so that we may always better practise the great commandment of love for our neighbour: it is the loving Mother, the Queen, who, after Christ, loves all men so much; she loves each of them, more than the best mother on earth would love her beloved child. She asks us to become her knights, to enter her small army and help her to save the souls of her children, as many souls as possible.

The Queen of Heaven and earth begs, comes to me and humbly pleads: "My child, I need you! Will you help me save my children, their eternal souls? There are so many who lose themselves for eternity because no one offers themselves or prays for them." (see Fatima, the 19thof August 1917). For that very reason the Militia Immaculatae was established to lay the whole world at her feet, so that she might crush the head of the devil everywhere and destroy all errors throughout the whole world.

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