The Ninth Sunday after Pentecost

Temptation is always around us, so how can we protect ourselves against sin? And what lesson can be derived from Christ's prophesizing about the destruction of Jerusalem?

Can we sin by thought and desire? Yes, if we desire evil and forbidden things, or voluntarily think of them with pleasure, for God prohibits not only evil deeds, but evil thoughts and desires in regard to our neighbor's wife or goods. (Exod. 20:17) Christ says, (Matt. 5:28) that he who looks upon a woman with evil desire, has already committed adultery. But wicked thoughts and imagination are sinful only when a person consents to, or entertains them deliberately. They become, however, an occasion of gaining merit, if we earnestly strive against them. For this reason God sometimes permits even the just to be tempted by them.

We published sermon by Father John Jenkins and propers of the Mass.

Sermon for the Ninth Sunday after Pentecost (section: Sermons & Lectures)

Propers of the Mass

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