Why Mary is Our Mediatrix (Part I)

The strict union that exists among the truths of Christian doctrine is known to us all. For Catholic dogmas are born from one another and perfect each other reciprocally. We can see an example of this in the Fathers of the Council of Ephesus. They proclaimed the divine Motherhood of Mary solely on the basis of the Catholic doctrine regarding the hypostatic union of the divine and human natures in the Person of the Word.

Once the relationship between Jesus and his Mother Mary became known, there arose the Catholic belief which holds that the Mother of the Savior was exempt from original sin. Catholics did not dare think that Mary had ever been enslaved to the devil even for a single instant. A wonderful hope of obtaining the sweet care of Mary also arose among the faithful based on the preeminent mission of the Blessed Virgin and on her unutterable union (her Immaculate Conception) with the Holy Ghost.

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