Mediation Based on "Marriage" with the Holy Ghost

From all that has been presented here we can rightly conclude that Mary as the Mother of the Savior Jesus has been made the Co-Redemptrix of the human race, and that as the Spouse of the Holy Ghost she participates in the distribution of all the graces. Whence we can say with the theologians: "…as the first Eve worked for our downfall by her truly personal and free actions, and truly helped cause it, so Mary by her truly personal actions joined in the reparation ... in this there is al¬ready in a most evident way true mediation properly speaking." In recent times especially we are perceiving the Immaculata, the Spouse of the Holy Ghost, as our Mediatrix.

It was in the year 1830 that the Immaculate Virgin appeared to Sister Catherine Laboure. We learn from the account of this novice that the purpose of the apparition of Mary was to reveal her Immaculate Conception and her astonishing power with God:

The most holy Virgin cast her eyes on me and at the same time I heard a voice say, "This globe of the world represents all men and each individual person." And again: "Behold the symbol of the graces which I pour out on all who invoke me."

Afterwards an oval figure was formed around the most holy Virgin in which the following invocation was written in golden words: "O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to you." At the same moment I heard a voice saying: "Strike a medal according to this exemplar: all who carry it will overflow with graces."

Fourth Part

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