Mary Acts as Mediatrix at Lourdes

At Lourdes the Immaculate Virgin prodded all men to do penance; finally she recited the "Hail Mary" in order to show it to us as a source of help. From that moment the Immaculata at Lourdes began to act in her capacity as our Mediatrix: she invites the sick to come, she gathers the weak and the lame to cure them, and she reveals our dependence on her even in natural life.

The sick in soul, namely unbelievers and sinners with hardened hearts she draws sweetly and pours supernatural life into their hearts in order to convince them of her power to grant us supernatural life.

Moreover, we should note this above all, that Jesus works miracles in the place (Lourdes) chosen by his Mother.

Everything that the Blessed Virgin Mary does at Lourdes testifies to the truth of the words of St. Peter Damian: "A curse came upon the earth through a woman; through a woman earth's blessing is restored." And also the words of St. Augustine: "In man's deception, poison was served him through a woman; in his redemption, salvation is presented him through a woman."

Therefore what St. Bernard expresses in words, the Immaculate Virgin confirms by acts: "Such is the desire of him who willed that we should have everything through Mary."

Father Maximilian

Fifth part

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