My Mother, Your Mother (part V)

Jesus: Above all, she is more truly your Mother because of the nature of the life which she has given to you. It is not a passing life like your terrestrial one, but a life without end; not a life full of imperfections and anguish like your present existence, but a life incomparably happy; not a created life, human or angelical, but — and understand it well — a participation in uncreated life, in the very life of God, in the life of the Most Blessed Trinity. And that is why this life will be endless and incomparably happy, because it is a sharing in the eternity and in the beatitude of God. What human motherhood could compare with such a Motherhood? Now, Mary is your true Mother, and so perfect a Mother, just because she is My Mother.

And you are My brother — My infinitely dear brother —because My Father is your Father and My Mother is your Mother. The Faithful Soul: No, Jesus, I did not know to what extent Mary was my Mother. How much nearer You have just brought her to me! Thanks, O Jesus, for that gift of gifts.

Part IV

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