Consecrate Yourself to Mary

If Mary is the Queen of Militants and your vocation and your success depend on her, and if god wants her apostolic action to be manifested especially at the present time, it is clear that you must place yourself entirely at the disposal of our Blessed Mother if you want to give to your life as a militant a real soldier-like efficiency.

That’s quite correct. Mary is always the Woman destined to wage war against the serpent and to crush its head. Therefore if you would be victorious over the serpent and its seed, you must openly proclaim yourself to be of their seed of the Woman by taking your place at her side.

Mary is the generalissimo of the army of Christ which battles against the army of Satan. Therefore, just as the man who wants to defend his country against the invader will enroll himself in the army of the general-in-chief, so must you enroll yourself in the army of the Blessed Virgin.

It is true that a man can attempt to fight against the invader without belonging to the troops of the commanding general. Although by so doing he often brings more trouble upon his fellow citizens than he inflicts harm upon the enemy. But without Mary no one can combat Satan victoriously, because we can do nothing without grace and all grace comes to us through Mary.

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