October – the month of the Rosary

St. Maximilian wrote about Rosary:

Knights of the Immaculata and all of you who read these words, during this month of October, the month of the Rosary, try, as much as you are able, to participate in communal recitation of the Rosary.

May the Miraculous Medal be the bullet in the hand of the Knights and the Holy Rosary the sword.

Originally the Rosary was called the "Psalter of Mary" because, just as the Psalter of David consists of 150 psalms, so also in the Rosary there are 150 Hail Marys.

Besides the recitation of the Lord's Prayer and of the angelic salutation, an essential part of the Rosary is also the meditation on the mysteries of the life of Christ and of the Holy Mother of God.

The origin of the Rosary is known to all. St. Dominic could not convert some heretics. He then turned to the Blessed Virgin Mary, to whom he had been very devoted since childhood, asking for help. The Queen of Heaven then showed him the rosary and instructed him to spread it. He set to work with zeal and from then on, he was able to save easily a large number of misguided souls, so many that they numbered over 100,000 people, in a short period of time. The whole Catholic world received the Holy Rosary with enthusiasm, while countless graces and miracles of conversion attested to its supernatural origin.

The Popes have recommended it highly. Thus, for instance, Adrian VI stated that: "the Rosary vanquishes Satan"; Paul III said: "Through the Rosary St. Dominic held the wrath of God away from France and Italy"; Julius III declared: "The Rosary is the ornament of the Roman Church"; Gregory XIV: "The Rosary is eradication of sin, recovery of grace, growth of the glory of God"; Paul V: "The Rosary is a treasure-trove of graces"; Urban VIII: "Through the Rosary the number of most fervent Christians increases"; Pius IX: "If you want peace to reign in your hearts and in your families, gather every evening to pray the Rosary"; and Leo XIII in one of his encyclicals on the Rosary said: "We urge all the faithful most strongly to pray the Rosary publicly in churches or in private homes and in families. As far as they can, may they never leave that holy practice behind."

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