Our Lady recommends the recitation of the Rosary

At Lourdes and at Fatima Our Lady appeared particularly to recommend to us the recitation of the Rosary. At Lourdes, she herself held a beautiful Rosary while Bernadette recited the Hail Mary. At Fatima, in every apparition, she recommended the recitation of the Rosary, especially during the last apparition, when she presented herself as the "Lady of the Rosary".

It is truly of great importance that Our Lady gave us the Rosary. When at Fatima she spoke of the salvation of sinners, of the ruin of the souls in hell, of wars and of the future of our age, Our Lady indicated and recommended the Rosary as the prayer that saves.

Sister Lucia of Fatima tells us in short that "in our time the Blessed Virgin gave an added efficacy to the Holy Rosary, so that there is no problem, material or spiritual, national or international that cannot be solved with the Rosary and our sacrifices.

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