“Knight of the Immaculata” No. 14

We offer a new issue of the “Knight of the Immaculata”. In this issue Fr. Karl Stehlin, the Director of the M.I. proposes to all Knights a RESOLUTION for the upcoming year 2019.

One of the most important elements in our life is the Act of Consecration, which consists essentially of a firm act of will. This act of will is an answer to a call from Heaven! Fr. Stehlin proposes to you as a RESOLUTION for the upcoming year 2019 that we treat our Act of Consecration more seriously. To try every day, more and more, to give HER control over our words, actions, works, recreations etc. For example, if we always ask HER how to use our cell-phones and computers, and we use them according to HER will, then and only then, will we LIVE our consecration.

You can download from the M.I. Library

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