Mary – Queen of Militants Especially in Modern Times

God certainly wishes that His Mother be known, loved, and served more and more and that in reality devotion to Mary has made great advances in very many souls, yet in a great many others, particularly the young, this devotion is practically unknown. Even you and your companions were unaware of it. Did you realize on tenth of what I have just explained to you about the role of Mary in our redemption and in the apostolate, you who wondered just what part the Blessed Virgin could play in the life of a militant? Begin now to give her rightful place in your own life; then try to persuade your companions to do the same. You will see that through her Christ will be incomparably better known, loved, and served, that “to her has been reserved a great victory in our days,” that according to the words of Pope Pius XII she who is “the victor in all the battles of God…will hasten the triumph of the Kingdom of God.”

Taken from book "Queen of Militians" by Fr. Emile Neubert

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