The seventh day — on the 5th of December

Contemplation: Full of grace — because Jesus, both her and God’s Son, loves her as His Mother and wants her to be revered, loved and honoured by all.

Prayer of St. Maximilian to the Immaculate

Grant to me that I may praise you, most Blessed Virgin.

Grant that I may praise you with all my strength.

Grant that I may live and work and suffer for you and for you alone, that I may be consumed and die for you.

Grant that I may contribute to your greater and more extensive glorification.

Grant that I may pay you such homage as no one has yet paid you.

Grant that others may surpass me in their zeal for your glorification and that I may then, as though in a noble competition, propagate devotion to you ever more deeply and swiftly and magnificently, as desired by Him Who exalted you so ineffably above all other creatures.

God was more glorified by you alone than by all His saints together.

For you, God created the world. For you also, God has called me into existence. Whence is this happiness for me?

O, grant to me that I may praise you, O Most Holy Virgin.

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