New Knights in Nicaragua

In Nicaragua one of diocesan bishops is very friendly towards the Traditional Mass and the Society of St. Pius X. He wants to establish the Militia Immaculatae in each parish of his diocese.

On the 12th of December (the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe) in one of dioceses Fr. Augusto enrolled 400 Knights. Only 400, because he had only 400 Miraculous Medals.

About 10 parish priests from this diocese are interested the M.I. and they want to see it established. They want to interest young people especially. In a few parishes the M.I. is established already.

The bishop of this diocese wanted a conference about the M.I. in his diocesan seminary and Father Stehlin gave a speech for seminarians and priests from the diocese. They were very interested in the M.I. and in the apostolate of St. Maximilian. This speech went to their hearts. Almost all the seminarians wanted to join the M.I., but the bishop said: “first you have to read about consecration to the Immaculata”.

This bishop gave his imprimatur and his foreword for two books of the M.I.: “Consecration to the Immaculata” and the M.I. Booklet. Both were printed by Fr. Miguel Boniface. The bishop noted that modern Catholics lack a missionary spirit, and the knightly spirit. And the M.I. is the best answer for that. He wanted to convert all the people in his diocese.

Father Boniface printed also two million flyers and distributed them everywhere. For example whilst driving his car, he would stop for a red light and leave his car to give flyers to people. He has worked like that many years, never missing an opportunity to promote the faith.

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Conference by Fr. Stehlin in Seminary of Esteli Diocese

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Faithful during sermon before the enrolment into the M.I.

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Establisment the M.I. in one of school

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Speech of Fr. Stehlin about the M.I. to priest from Novus Ordo parishes