Very zealous Knights in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica bishops are very modernistic and are not friendly towards Tradition. But Fr. Boniface works in this country (unfortunately without chapels).

Those faithful to Tradition are very zealous. Fr. Boniface, the National Moderator, gave them a small flyer about the M.I. and the faithful memorised it and wanted to join the M.I. It was a surprise also for Fr. Stehlin.

The faithful organized the transmission of the conference using Facebook and approximately 400-500 have listened to it. One of them translated the letter of the Director very quickly. The faithful are not yet Knights, but they work as very zealous would-be Knights.

Father Boniface gave conferences about the M.I. to five groups of people; on this occasion 300 people submitted their names for enrolment and they want to join the M.I.

The next visit of Fr. Boniface in Costa Rica will be their official enrolment into the M.I. and probably more people will join the M.I. as well.

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Conference by Fr. Stehlin

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