Redemptive suffering

The Church honours the Blessed Virgin as the Co-Redeemer, that is, the co-operator with Christ in the Redemption of the world, and yet she did not preach. But she did pray and suffer. She suffered more than all the saints, all the apostles, and all the martyrs combined. She suffered in union with Christ, in all His sufferings and for His intentions. Your mission as militant, remember, is only a participation in the mission of Mary. If Mary contributed to our redemption by suffering, how can you share in her mission except by suffering?

Keep this truth in mind: the militant who exercises the most efficacious action on men is not the one who can speak best or who can organize best, nor even the one who can pray best, but the one who knows best how to suffer in union with Christ.

Taken from book “Queen of Militants” by Fr. Emile Neubert

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