Establishment the M.I. in Honduras

We are pleased to announce that Father Miguel Boniface, National Moderator of the M.I. for the countries of Central America, has established the Militia Immaculatae among the young people in Honduras. The first Knights in Honduras are 5 young ladies and 4 young men.

Father Boniface lives in the priory in Guatemala every day, but he expands the apostolate in many countries: Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and now: Honduras. He is a good apostle of the Immaculata. He printed two million flyers and distributed them everywhere. For example, whilst driving his car, he would stop for a red light and leave his car to give flyers to people. He has worked like that many years, never missing an opportunity to promote the faith.

We pray for the new Knights and the Militia Immaculatae in Honduras. Let the zealous Knights spread the spirit of St. Maximilian and the Militia Immaculatae.

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