The Fifth Apparition of Our Lady of Lourdes

Thirty people were present. Bernadette reported later that the lady had taught her a prayer, which she said every day of her life, but never wrote down or repeated to anyone. Father Peyramale, the local parish curate, questioned Bernadette about the happiness she found at the Grotto. She answered "When I see her I feel as if I'm no longer of this world. And when the vision disappears I'm amazed to find myself still here."

Next day (Saturday, February 20th), when Bernadette appeared on the scene of these wonders, again accompanied by her mother, the approaches to Massabielle were already black with people, yet this crowd, of which all eyes were turned towards her, did not seem to embarrass or surprise her. As though no one was present, Bernadette went simply and knelt in her usual place a stone near the center of the excavation and, taking her Rosary, began to pray. She said the Hail Mary as she let drop bead after bead for some minutes, when, lo and behold, the punctual heavenly Messenger was at hand. At once the shepherd-girl began to return her smiles by smiles, and welcome by greetings, not knowing what to do in order to express better her reverent and affectionate homage, and she did this with such grace that her mother, Louise, more bewildered than content, said to those within ear-shot.

In truth, I no longer recognize my little child. In fact, the ecstasy today filled her completely. They came close to her; they stood up most reverently, not uttering a word, and holding their breath, in order to follow the marvel. Unable to discover anything, alas, on the side of the Grotto, lighted up and tenanted for the child alone, they deemed themselves happy to be able to see the wonderful reflection on the face of the child that seemed like an angel’s. After this too short scene, hardly lasting forty minutes, Bernadette declared that her Lady had deigned, becoming a teacher of Catechism, to teach her, word for word, a special prayer for her own use. How glad should we be to know and repeat this prayer that came from the heart of the Mother of God! O Mary, teach us to pray in like manner!

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