The Twelfth Apparition of Our Lady of Lourdes

It was now Monday, March 1st. An incident, apparently trivial, but very instructive in reality, marked the beginning of the apparition.

Ever amiable, Bernadette, to please a neighbor, had already in her hand a borrowed Rosary in order to say it in place of her own. The Vision blamed her for it, asking her only to use her own Rosary, and thereby suggesting to us the pious respect and jealous care we should have for the place of every blessed object, especially of that which, enriched with the indulgences of the Church, is both the chief instrument of our spiritual profit and, like a golden chain, binds us as children in the service of Mary.

But this unlucky exchange caused among the bystanders a slight misunderstanding. Those who were wont to copy, as far as possible, all the actions of their model began to lay aside their Rosaries, thinking they were thus joining in some new kind of prayer. But the child by a sign quickly corrected this mistake, which, in the words of Scripture, might have prevented the Divine harmonies which she was already enjoying. As to the Lady, she could read the hearts of each too well to be offended in the least by such a mistake. It was sufficient to have given a precious lesson thus to her votary, and, doubtless, through her to everyone.

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