The Great Secret of Fatima (part XVI)

COMMENTARY: another strategy of the prince of darkness

What can be the spiritual meaning of these afflicting and almost depressing facts? After having distorted Our Lady’s request concerning the consecration of Russia, the attack on Fatima continues to use immoral means to achieve its own goals, pretending that all requests of Our Lady are now accomplished and placing Fatima in the same category with many other sanctuaries as just another tourist attraction with a religious flair.

Strategy of counterfeiting

A fake always has similarities with the true original. The more similar a false piece of money is to the true one, the more dangerous it is. The whole strategy of modernism is to present a entirely new religion in such a way that it seems similar to the old one. Thus, the same terms are used and ostensibly the same doctrine is maintained, just being presented in a more modern form. But in fact, a completely different reality is lurking behind the appearances, completely contradictory with what was believed before. For example, the modernists speak much about the Faith and the necessity to have faith and to believe. But the faith itself is no longer an adherence to objective truth, but is rather an exterior projection of one’s own subjective religious feelings.

The Novus Ordo Missae is supposed to be essentially the same Holy Mass as before, but just accommodated to the sensibilities of modern man. In fact, the Novus Ordo Missae is a practical denial of the essence of the Holy Mass, namely, its sacrificial nature. It reduces the Mass to not much more than a Protestant memorial of the Last Supper, a gathering of the community of believers to mutually stimulate one another’s faith by remembering Our Lord’s life.

Almost everything in the Catholic Religion underwent similar radical transformations in the name of the Council. In order to make the reluctant faithful accept these reforms, they were told that in reality ‘nothing has changed in Catholicism but the exterior forms’.

In like manner, the official Secret of 2000 is presented as the only true one written by Sr. Lucia on the 3rd of January 1944. It is similar in many ways to what people might expect: calamities, wars, sufferings, many deaths, the Cross, the Angels, “Penance” etc. The purpose was to make the people believe that the vision represents the totality of the Third Secret, so that they would forget about the true message of Fatima.

This episode in Fatima history is another application of the general law of modernist to produce lookalike “fakes” so that the people will not revolt against a complete changing of their religion. However, if it is sometimes difficult for the simple faithful to detect the fakes in the modernist reforms, it is very easy for them to expose this fake by simply comparing the 2000 version of the Third Secret with the first two parts of real secret. In this way, the history of the (false and true) Third Secret can prove to be a clear revelation of the wickedness of modernism.

This confirms that the whole history of Fatima is in a certain way the application of the modernist reforms to Our Lady herself. In a unique way, Our Lady denounces the abomination of the post-conciliar reforms at Fatima: not only does she issue warnings about the worst crisis of the Faith and the failure of Catholic pastors. She also denounces the strategies and procedures of the modernists, where all is built up on fakes, ambiguities, manipulation and lies, and the whole movement appears as a work of the “prince of lies”.

The effects of this ‘Secret’

The clear goal of the authors of the ‘Secret’ is for us to draw the conclusion that, with the consecration of Russia by Pope John-Paul II and the revelation of the Third Secret, “all is fulfilled” and the prophetic message of Fatima belongs now to the past. The message of Fatima is no longer to be a reminder of the traditional doctrine of the Church, but has to fit into the new spirit of Vatican II: the ecumenical way of the Church is irreversible; Vatican II changed the Church definitely, and Tradition now belongs to the past. This seemed to be completed in the year 2000, at the beginning of the third millennium.

But what really happened? According to the masters of spiritual life, the strategy of the devil generally begins with what seem to be small compromises. According to the measure that one gives in to temptation, and allows oneself be led by the “Father of lies”, the mistakes and sins increase, going from downfalls caused by weakness into premeditated sins of malice. The last step is the hardening of the heart in evil and the loss of logical thinking: the mind becomes completely blind towards the truth and establishes itself in a world of lies and illusions. At this stage, the “Father of lies” dominates the soul entirely and can do with it whatever he wants. In fact, the strategy of the devil is terrible: once you drift away from the true way, he leads you off into the worst errors and abominations.

This is exactly what happened in a visible manner to the Anti-Fatimist party, especially with their ludicrous strategy of marginalizing Fatima by releasing their document in 2000. In this way, the modernist strategy has only served to be another proof of the importance of Fatima. Without saying a word, without making a gesture, the very presence of Our Lady of Fatima reveals the “head of the serpent”, “Satan hidden in the shape of an angel of light”, who is so furious about his definite defeat, that he loses his skill and apparent grandeur and demonstrates his real and ugly face as a base liar.

The same thing happens with his instruments on earth. When modernism began, it presented itself as being ‘wise’: subtle arguments, intelligent strategies, enticing and fascinating behaviour (the Fathers of the nouvelle théologie were almost worshipped by their adepts), universal knowledge and apparently a fair and noble way of convincing by means of high-level discussions, etc. But when this ‘wisdom’ failed to yield results, the face of modernism changed.

Similarly, when the subtle arguments of Fr. Dhanis and his adepts didn’t bear their fruits, the prophets of universal freedom forbade Sr. Lucia to speak, and closed the mouth of the most outstanding specialist of Fatima, Don Alonso. They employed means which don’t fit at all into the conciliar idealism, where everybody can say what he wants and all consciences are respected. Far from practising tolerance, the anti-Fatimists legislated a harsh and cruel halting of the main themes of Fatima and the requests of Our Lady. But even these means didn’t succeed, and so stronger means had to be employed: multiple lies and the presentation of counterfeit documents were brought forward to accomplish the final aim of finishing with “the truth about Fatima”.

It is not our competence to judge the last pontificates, but we are obliged to observe that, during them, the crisis of Faith has now been extended into a terrible crisis of morals. God wants to show what will happen if Our Lady becomes the object of lies and manipulation: the worst calamities fall upon the Church and the world, leading them to their self-destruction. The worsening of the crisis goes hand in hand with the worsening of the treatment of Our Lady of Fatima. The more they cut themselves off from the influence of their Mother, the more they are lost. Fatima is the full revelation of the “mystery of iniquity”. This punishment is the worst of all: the pastors blinded, the Faith fading away, the natural law destroyed. Everything and everywhere ambiguity and manipulation becomes a law! No trust anymore, nothing sure, nothing clear, only anarchy, a true Hell on earth!

Our hearts should be filled with terror when meditating on these facts: how much we have to avoid lies, how much we have to love truth! But at this point again the importance of Fatima appears. There is just one crucial thing to do: if without our Heavenly Mother we descend to such a catastrophe, then coming back to her will bring the contrary effects! If God makes known to the world the absurdity of the wickedness of man, it is only to prepare the triumph of his glory more thoroughly: when sins reach its worst, grace will abound, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph.

The Great Secret of Fatima (part XV)
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