Pentecost Sunday

Mary and the twelve Apostles remain in prayer in the Cenacle where the Blessed Sacrament was established. The time of the descent of the Holy Ghost was fulfilled, it is upon her, the Queen, that the grace from Heaven is poured out first.

A fireball appears above her forehead, it then divides into single tongues of fire that come to rest above the heads of the Apostles. The Holy Ghost descends upon her and to her, the Mother of the great family that humanity is, God entrusts the distribution of His Gifts. The same applies to the great gift of grace. Everything that God gives to Earth He entrusts to Mary, it all passes through her hands. But can we measure the full abundance of grace that is poured into Mary's soul on the feast of Whitsun.

Already, from the moment of Her Immaculate Conception, does she posses the total and extreme fullness of grace. The Comforter, the Paraclete, whose being is the essence of love, the eternal love of the Father and the Son, once again descends upon her, enlarges her Heart to an even greater capacity, to fill it beyond all measure. And enriching her thus, it is not only her God has in mind but all of us.

Undoubtedly, she already is the Mother of souls in the supernatural order from the instant she agreed to participate in the Act of Redemption, when the words Ecce Ancilla Domini resounded for the first time, but then her Motherhood was in the bud. Now the time arrived to set it in act.

Sermon by Fr. Paul Robinson (recording)

Pentecost Sunday — proper of the Mass

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