Without Mary, you cannot succeed

Why not? Because you can do nothing without grace, and all grace comes to us through her.

Because she is the Queen of Apostles and you cannot be victorious without battling under her orders.

Because God wills that, in these modern times, it should be Mary who in a special way will lead us to Christ.

Because at the present time, ever since the consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by our Holy Father Pope Pius XII, the whole Catholic world has understood that it must turn toward Mary, for to her Christ has reserved the victory over the powers of hell, the conversion of individuals and of nations, the return of heretics and schismatics to the one fold of Christ and the exaltation and triumph of the Church.

Because experience proves that the apostles who forget the Blessed Virgin do not succeed, or achieve only superficial successes that are out of proportion to the immense number of works, hardships, and sacrifices of every kind which they have endured. When we consider the great number of souls in the world, the successes of these militants resemble those of detached troops of certain units which, during the invasion of a country, momentarily check a triumphant enemy, but in no way prevent the general downfall.

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