With Mary, you cannot fail

Once more, why? Because God is all powerful, and Mary, by her intercession, shares in the omnipotence of God.

Because, though the demons are stronger than man, Mary is incomparably stronger than all the demons put together.

Because already in the garden of Eden, God predicted that there would be enmities between the serpent and his seed, and the Woman and her seed, and that the Woman with her seed would triumph.

Because, in making Mary the Queen of Apostles, her Son evidently predestined her for victory and not for defeat.

Because great servants of God and of Mary have foretold both the desperate battles which are taking place in our day between Satan and the apostles of the Blessed Virgin and the victories of these apostles.

Because just recently our Holy Father the Pope has declared that Mary has always been “victorious in all the battles of God,” and he has invited the entire world to consecrate itself to her because “she alone can obtain for us the help we need in our distress.”

Because experience points out more and more clearly what great triumphs are won in the name of Mary. Recall the miracle, incomparably more magnificent than the solar miracle of Fatima, that took place in the remarkably rapid conversion of Portugal.

By yourself, you are weakness personified. But, united to Mary, you share in her omnipotence. Sometimes, perhaps, you will seem to fail. But if you have truly done what you believed to be her will, if you have worked in her name and have relied on her, she will change your defeats into victories. It is possible that you may not see these victories during your lifetime. What does it matter that you fail like your Crucified Master, as long as you triumph with Him in His glorious Resurrection.

Militant of Christ, I repeat again with the deepest conviction, a conviction that I should like to see shared by all militants of Christ, “Without Mary, you cannot succeed; with Mary, you cannot fail.”

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