The Disclosure of the Third Secret

What is the purpose of this chapter? It is certainly not to indulge a vain curiosity which simply wants the satisfaction of knowing the contents of an important secret. This chapter aims, rather, at a rehabilitation of the Truth. The message of Our Lady has been despised and disfigured to an extreme degree, and if we know the facts about her true message, it is our duty to bring them to light to re-establish her honour and to make known her true wishes and requests, as far as we can discern them.

Besides this, we must seek to know the contents of the secret for the sake of our own salvation. Fatima is Heaven’s intervention in human affairs in order to rescue us and to save from our own self-destruction. Our Lady wanted us to know about the contents of the message as long ago as 1960, and the requests written in that message are of the utmost importance for us, for the Holy Father, for the Church, for the world. If there is something we have to do to be saved, we must know about it. Therefore, it would be a crime to hide the essential points of the true secret, since Our Lady herself willed for these points to be made public over 50 years ago.

Furthermore, all the words and gestures of the Angel and Our Lady have a profound spiritual meaning, providing us with immense light and strength in times of darkness and isolation. Each word is another chapter of the almost forgotten Catholic Catechism and a deeper disclosure of all the mysteries of our holy faith. The same is true of the yet unrevealed part of the secret. The parallel between Fatima and the mysteries of the end times is striking: although we know from Divine Revelation what will happen at the end times, we don’t know when and how the end of the world will happen. Similarly, we know the essential contents of the secret, but we don’t know exactly its details and circumstances, nor the exact words or sentences of Our Lady.

Finally, the whole message of Fatima is the revelation of the depth of the Immaculate Heart of our Heavenly Mother, and each apparition, each word of Our Lady, makes us understand better how great SHE is, what an incredible masterpiece God created. Each apparition adds a precious stone to the crown of Our Heavenly Queen, discloses HER love, mercy, majesty and almighty power of intercession. Therefore it is obvious, that the third Secret will reveal to us also an aspect — perhaps even the deepest and most beautiful aspect — of the greatness of Her Immaculate Heart. And because SHE is our last hope, and the way which leads us to Heaven, the fact of keeping her message (and herself) hidden shows clearly that behind all this battle stands the devil himself, who before being crushed by her, will lie in wait for her heel, i.e. he will try everything he can, to prevent her children being able to know her entirely, and therefore loving her entirely.

To try to know something of the hidden part of the Secret, we will make use of six different sources that will reveal, in some measure, its true contents. What follows can be verified in various books written by specialists, who give the references, when and where and in what circumstances these words have been said [1].

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The Great Secret of Fatima (part XVI)

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