Feast of the Most Holy Trinity

The greatest dogma of the Christian faith is the mystery of the Holy Trinity. Every day of the liturgical year in fact is devoted to the honor and adoration of the Sacred Trinity.

The beautiful Preface of the Trinity (read throughout all Sundays after Pentecost), dates from the time of St. Gregory the Great. It was to counteract the Arian heresy, which denied the fullness of divinity to the Son, that a special text of the Mass in honor of the Holy Trinity was introduced of late in the liturgical books. But it was not until John XXII that it was inserted in the official calendar of the Western Church in 1334. The office of the breviary, one of the most sublimes of the year, includes the famous Creed of Athanasius.

We published sermon by Father John Jenkins.

Sermon by Father John Jenkins (section: Sermons & Lectures)

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