The M.I.’s banners during Ordinations in Zaitzkofen

During the latest Ordinations (on the 29th of June, 2019) Knights of the Immaculata from many countries were in attendance at this great ceremony. Knights from German-speaking countries carried the M.I.’s banners.

It was a great Feast for all the faithful in Tradition. We have one new Polish priest and one new German priest. The new Polish priest, Bartosz Tokarski has been a Knight of the Immaculata since 2012.

In June in the Seminary in Econe (Switzerland) the ordination of 6 priests took place, whilst in Virginia (U.S.) 5 priests for the Church were ordained.

Dear Knights, please pray for these new priests, and that there may be many more to follow them. The Society of St. Pius X now has 658 priests.

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