A Tribute to the Mother of Jesus

Let us try to follow Mary, the noblest and most glorious woman in history, through reflecting on her active and virtuous life. The information given about her by the Gospels is the main source of our inspiration and is alone completely reliable.

History, geography, popular and traditional customs also give us the framework for her picture. She was a true child of her people, among whom she lived and strove, smiled or suffered, rejoiced or wept. She prayed and worked, planned and hoped, feared and rejoiced like her countrymen, only better, more pure-heartedly and perfectly. But, over and above this, she had a life's task which raised her high above all the children of men and by reason of which there is no one to compare with her, nor can there be. We can apply to her in the fullest sense what Jesus once said to the Apostles: "Blessed are the eyes that see the things which you see" (Luke 10: 23).

It was given to her to hear the message from heaven, to give her own flesh and blood to the only-begotten Son of God, to be at his side as mother and handmaid for three and a half decades.

No one has gained a deeper understanding of the inner mysteries of Jesus, has observed his sacred life so closely, has had so intimate a share in his thoughts, plans, miracles, teachings, successes and failures; no one has ever suffered so much with him and for him as she, the incomparable, virginal, immaculate Queen, once abounding in sorrows and now reigning body and soul in heaven: Mary, the Mother of the Lord.

Mary, Mother of the Lord, pray for us.

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