My Mother, Your Mother (part I)

We publish first part of text from book of Fr. Emil Neubert “My Ideal Jesus, Son of Mary”.

Jesus: My brother, you cannot really reproduce My filial love toward Mary unless you are, as I am, her child. Do you know to what extent you are a child of Mary? All the faithful think they know it, for they all call her their Mother. The greater number of them, however, have only a very imperfect idea of Mary’s Motherhood in their regard.

Many love Mary as if she were their Mother: tell Me, what would your mother answer you, if you said to her, “I love you as if you were my mother”?

Many think that Mary is their Mother solely in virtue of the words I pronounced before I died, when, seeing My Mother standing at the foot of the cross, and next to her My beloved disciple, I said to her, “Woman, behold thy son,” and to John, “Behold thy Mother.” My words could very well have confided a maternal mission to Mary and created dispositions in her resembling those of a mother. Yet, if her Motherhood had depended on these words alone, it would have been a mere adoptive Motherhood. Now, I want you to realize that Mary is your true Mother in the supernatural order, just as she who gave you birth is your true mother in the natural order.

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