My Mother, Your Mother (part II)

Jesus: A mother is one who gives life

Mary has given you life — the most real life. She gave it to you at Nazareth, on Calvary, and in your baptism. At Nazareth she conceived you in conceiving Me. She knew that by answering the angel Gabriel “Yes” or “No,” she would either give you life or leave you in death. She said “Yes” in order that you might live.

By consenting to give Me life, she also consented to give it to you. In becoming My Mother, she became yours. From that moment, in the designs of God and in her own designs — for she had some idea of the designs of God and adhered to them with her whole heart — you constituted a part of My Mystical Body. I was the head and you were a member. Mary bore us both, though in different ways, in her maternal womb; for the members and the head have not a separate existence.

Part I

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