My Mother, Your Mother (part III)

On Calvary, she brought you forth when she offered Me as a sacrifice for you. Your deliverance from sin and death was only consummated on Golgotha. It was there that I “destroyed him who had the empire of death,” and by My death merited for you the grace of living My life. Now, it was in union with Mary that I accomplished this work. She had conceived Me as a victim; she had nourished and brought Me up for the sacrifice; and at that supreme moment, she offered Me to the Father for your salvation and renounced in your favor her maternal rights over Me. And she who, ever Virgin, experienced only joy in the birth of her First-born Son, gave birth to you and your brothers amid the most agonizing sorrow.

At that moment, her Motherhood in your regard was consummated. That is why I then wanted to proclaim it by confiding John to Mary and Mary to John.

My words did not create that motherhood; they attested, confirmed, and completed it at the most solemn hour of My life — the hour when My Mother, having become your Mother in the full sense of the word, was best able to understand her maternal mission.

Part II

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