Establishment of the M.I. at the Seminary in France

On the 15th of June, 2019 (Pentecost Saturday) 13 members of the community of the Seminary of Saint Jean Vianney the Curéd'Ars de Flavigny (France), seminarians and brothers, joined the Militia Immaculatae. They pronounced their consecration under the gaze of the twelve apostles and their Queen, whose statues adorn the sanctuary of the seminary church above the altar.

The feast of the Queenship of Mary, a few days earlier, had seen members of the community consecrate themselves to Our Lady according to the formula of the holy slavery of Saint Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort. They wished to dedicate their entire lives as baptized persons to the Blessed Virgin, and through her to her divine Son. By their commitment to the Militia Immaculatae, the seminarians and brothers of the Fraternity wanted to consecrate all their apostolate to Mary, on this last day of the Pentecostal octave and on the eve of the summer holidays; many of them will certainly have the opportunity to direct souls towards the Immaculata by distributing the miraculous medal, according to whomsoever they may meet.

This ceremony marked the founding of the Militia of the Immaculate at the Seminary of St. Jean Vianney the Curéd'Ars. May Our Lady bless her children and help them to be apostles according to her Heart!

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