The perseverance of Our Lady

The perseverance is that manly virtue whereby the just continue to do what is right, with long-suffering and constancy, without swerving to the right or to the left. Now who or what could ever have turned aside the Immaculate Mother of God from seeking the highest good?

Mary was "confirmed in grace," and that she remained ever holy and pure from the least taint of sin.

Not only did she persevere in holiness, but she continually from the beginning to the end of her life increased in sanctity and in grace, rising from strength to strength, from virtue to virtue.

A noble river, whose waters flow ever onwards, with those of many tributaries till they are lost in the ocean, is an image of Mary, who continually advanced, growing from fulness to fulness, immaculate in her conception, holy in her life, and finally Queen of the saints in heaven.

"She cometh forth as the morning rising."

Also the dawn, pale at first, which clothes itself with light that grows more vivid every moment, till at length it reaches the splendour of full mid-day, is an image of Mary, who from the earliest day-break of life increased the heat and light of her virtues even to that noon day which knows no sunset, the noonday of eternal glory.

In her there was resplendent completeness of virtue and beauty.

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