A Plenary Indulgence for Knights

Usual conditions for gaining a Plenary Indulgence:

1. Virtual or habitual intention of gaining the Plenary Indulgence.

2. Visit a church (cathedral, parochial, quasi-parochial or semi-public oratory).

3. Confession (8 days before or after the prescribed good work).

4. Communion (on the day itself).

5. Pray for the intentions of the Pope (1 “Our Father” and “Hail Mary”, or any other prayer).

6. Detachment from all sin even venial sin.

The habitual intentions of the Pope which we are praying for:

1. Triumph of the Church

2. Propagation of the Faith

3. Extirpation of heresies

4. Conversion of sinners

5. Peace among Christian leaders

6. Other goods of the Christian people

Act of Consecration

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