Why the Rosary is so important in our times?

Because it is a perfect method and way to enter into the mysteries of Jesus through Mary. The Rosary is a shortcut to enter the depth of Our Lord : especially for the busy man of our times the rosary is the easy mean to meditate not all, but the most essential mysteries of Our Faith, necessary to assure our salvation: the joyful mysteries – the coming of Christ into this world – make us clear, that the center of creation is not man (cult of man), is not paradise on earth, is not my short life, but Christ Our Lord present among us. The joyful mysteries fix our eyes towards him, which helps us to overcome the temptation of choosing lies and illusions as the center of life. The sorrowful mysteries show us the way we have to live on earth: “take your cross daily”! It is the great law of love, which consists in forgetting yourself and offering yourself for the glory of God and the salvation of souls, in imitating the sufferings of Our Lord. The glorious mysteries show us the goal for what we live: not for earthly success, but for eternal glory granted by the resurrection of Our Lord. With these 3 mysteries we all we need for our spiritual life: the foundation (Emmanuel – God with us), the way (Via Crucis) and the goal (eternal glory). It keeps us free from living on a false road towards a wrong end.

The popes often called him the weapon of Christendom. For example Pope Pius XI in his encyclical Ingravescentibus Malis. He called the Rosary the most powerful weapon of the Church, the most powerful weapon for the expulsion of diabolical powers, for the preservation of a holy life, for the easier acquisition of virtue, and finally as a means of bringing peace among men. Pope Pius XI continues in this encyclical: "With the Marian rosary we will not only prostrate the haters of God and enemies of religion, this prayer will also spur and warm us on to a quest for the virtues of the Gospel. It will especially strengthen the Catholic faith, for the contemplation of the sacred mysteries elevates the spirit to the truths revealed by God".

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