Mary and the fullness of time (part II)

Saint Bernard says of the Blessed Virgin that the only thing she ever asked for was grace: Et semper inveniet gratiam. She did not imitate Solomon by asking for wisdom. She asked for grace because grace is the one thing we need. She was, therefore, perfectly wise ; in her, that is to say, the work of wisdom was perfectly accomplished, and being perfectly wise - and sapientia means the same as recta sapere, to savor the right things, to savor the things of the spirit - she had the taste for spiritual things, she asked for grace and got it. Ave Maria gratia plena. She was blessed to hear those wonderful words: "(Thou art) full of grace." Why "full of grace"? Because she wanted grace, and wanted only grace, because she fully understood that "but one thing is necessary," and therefore obtained it.

In Our Lady we see acceptance of the plan, and universal charity. She was not only a daughter of Israel, but she was the one through whom Israel flowed back into a common human current; she was at once daughter of David and Abraham, and Mater divinae gratiae, universal mediatrix, mother of all mankind. She fully realized the promise made to Israel that they would have a special work to do which should affect the whole race.

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