“Knight of the Immaculata” No. 7

October 13th 1917 marked the great miracle of the sun at Fatima, the heavenly seal of the veracity and importance of the apparitions of Our Lady. On the eve of the 17th of October 1917 in Rome, the Militia Immaculatae, the army of poor instruments of Our Lady for the salvation of many poor sinners, was founded. At the same time the devil gathered his armies for a general mobilization during the October revolution in Russia and the 200th anniversary of Freemasonry in Rome. All these events were like a solemn beginning, a socalled ‘kick-off’ of the great spiritual war between the “Woman clothed in the sun” and the “dragon” with his assistants, the two beasts. Since then a war has been going on, infinitely worse than all World Wars and other cataclysms together: it is the devil’s final battle against the “Woman and her Seed” which will end only on the day of doom!

During this year of jubilee the Immaculata not only consoles us with many special graces, but she wants also to prepare us for the future. The battle is not over, on the contrary: the worst is before us! Only in the measure to which we are determined to be with her and to fight for her honour and triumph she makes us immune against the continuous and ferocious attacks of the enemy. In other words, we have to use the talents we have received and make them fructify. What she operates in our soul, she wants to do in all souls, and therefore she needs us.

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