Why 5 Saturdays?

Our Lord Jesus explained Himself to Lucia during her vigil on the night of 29 and 30th of may 1930: "My daughter, the reason is simple: there are 5 blasphemies and outrages against Immaculate Heart of Mary:

Blasphemy against Immaculate Conception

Blasphemy against Sacred Virginity of Heavenly Mother. Blasphemy against Her Divine Motherhood, by simultaneous objection to Her dignity of Mother of the mankind.

Deeds of those, who try to provoke ignorance, apathy or even hatred towards Immaculate Conception. Deeds of those who in public violate the image of Sacred Virgin.

Final words

Reparation is indispensable, because the insults commited against Sacred Virgin are in consequence blasphemous to The Holy Trinity: By Sacred Will of The Holy Trinity Mary has become a receiver of unmeasureable love of Almighty Father — She is Sancuary of The Holy Ghost — Therefore she has been called out to accomplish the greatest gift and dignity — being a Mother of God Son.

This Devotion by favor of reparation urges us to anwser. The Almighty God is willing to give modern mankind special graces depending on how the practice The Five First Saturdays. Fullfiling the requests of Our Lady of Fatima will ensure peace in the world, furthermore the evil endangering human salvation will cease. In the moment of dying we will be able to find consolation in The Immaculate Heart.

Let us have desire to comfort our Heavenly Mother and prove our love to by completing Her requests.