Apparition of the Miraculous Medal

Well known is the Medal under the name of Miraculous one. It’s descend reaches up til year 1830. The very lucky soul, to whom The Blessed Virgin Mary revealed The Medal, was Catherine Labouré, a novice to Daughters of Charity in Paris at Rue de Bac. Let us hear her story:

„On November 27th, in the evening of Saturday before the First Sunday of Advent, I have been meditating when occurred to me a swish of a velvet dress of some kind, heared from right wing of sanctuary. Then I saw The Blessed Virgin standing by the image of St. Joseph; she was middle-height, but of such a beauty, simply impossible to describe. She was standing, wearing a white robe glittering with red, the one that a virgin would dress — with narrow sleeves and buttoned to the neck. Her head was covered with a white veil reaching down to feet on both sides. Her forehead was graced with a laced band, adhering to Her hair. Face of Her was rather uncovered, under Her feet was earth globe, and in Her hands she was holding another globe (which related to whole universe). She lifted up her Eyes as if she would offer whole universe to Almighty God, therefore at this moment Her face shined with brightness.

Suddenly at Her fingers precious rings had appeared from which rays of light went out illuminating Her so much, that she became invisible. The gems were of different size and the rays themselves were more or less luminous.

I am not able to express, what I felt that time and experienced.

While I was astonieshed by view of The Blessed Virgin still glaring into Her Majesty, She would turn Her graceful eyes on me, addressing me internaly: The globe you see, reflects the whole world and each person in the world as well.

I cannot describe the impression I had from the sight of these wonderful rays of light. Then The Lady told me:

The rays you see now, are graces, which I place upon those who ask me for them — that way she made it clear for me, how generous She is to anybody who begs Her. That moment I lost all self-consciousness, sunk in joy… then a Lady was encircled with a ring showing a sign:

„O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee”.

So I heared voice telling me: „Please make an effort to mint a Medal after this pattern; All who shall wear the Medal, will experience grate graces, especially if they hang the Medal on neck. Those who will put trust in Me, I will endow with graces”.

That instant — continous sister Labouré — I had an impression, that the image is turning around. So I saw on the other side an letter M with a cross attached to it, and below Sacred Heart of Jesus surrounded by a crown of thorns and a Heart of Mary pierced with a glaive.

Father Maximilian Maria Kolbe, Knight of Immaculata, June 1922

"The miraculous medal; its origin, history, circulation, results" — download