Symbolism of the Miraculous Medal

On the front side we can observe Mary standing on orb, which is a symbol of an earth globe. With her feet, she crushes head of the snake — that is satan himself on the top of earth. In the time of Apparition, Catherine saw rays coming forth from the hands of Mary, falling on all over the world. These are the graces, implored by Her from Her Most Holy Son Jesus, that help to overcome Satan and endure his temptations. Therefore, Mary is a Mediatrix of all graces. As the apparitions has occured, Catherine has asked Holy Mary about the rays of light and where they come from, to which Holy Mary responded that, the missing rays are graces, that people do not pray for, though they could easily obtain them if they ask for them. Along the edge of the Medal sister saw a prayer and read it out: O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.

On back side, also along the edge of Medal are engraved twelve stars, which symbolise a Church founded by Jesus, based on the 12 Apostles. The Cross in the mid-section of Medal has been a referance to sacrifice given by Our Lord on Golgotha.

The Capital M below the Cross stands for Holy Mary, our Mother, who stood by the Cross on Calvary, as Her Son suffered for our sins.

The Capital M may also be a referance to Holy Mass, due to the fact that while assisting to the Mass, we do not assist but in Her presence.

Under the M letter are located to hearts burning with love to humanity. On the left is The Most Holy Heart of our Lord Jesus Christ, corouned with torns — our sins.