About Publications

The catechism section contains a knowledge necessary for the Catholic & Apostolic life. In the book section we present the books that we recommend each knight to read. In the magazine section we present periodicals, journals, brochures published by Knights of the Immaculata Traditional Observance. In the section of letters appear letters written by father Karl Stehlin — the spiritual father of MI — to the Knights of the Immaculata. In the section of letters appear letters from Poland once a month.

All the publications the Knights may recommend to Catholics and non-Catholics. We must always bear in mind that The Immaculatae bestowes graces , that open the hearts and minds of the most obdurate enemies of The Church. "Let us pray often with the words of Duns Scotus: "Dignare me laudare Te,Virgo sacrata; da mihi virttutem contra hostes Tuos" (Grant to me to praise thee, O most Blessed Virgin, Give me strength against thine enemies.) and prepare ourselves to battle against the devil , the world and with ourself (The Gospel of Matthew 10,34n;1 P 2,11; 5,8 ) — for the salvation of our own soul and the greatest amount of other souls — to suffer and to labour, after our death we shall rest. All things are possible for God and the Immaculatae refuses nothing to the sinners" — thus wrote St. Maximilian to his brother Alphonse in 26 IX 1918.

We encourage all Knights to read and to a profound contemplation.