Who are you Immaculata?

"Oh Lady, who are You? Who are You, oh Immaculata? I cannot discern, try as I might, what does it mean to be a creature of God. It is beyond my strength to comprehend what it means to be an adopted child of God.

And You, oh Immaculata, who are You? Not solely a creature, nor just an adopted child but the Mother of God; not mere an adoptive Mother but the true Mother of God. That is not a presumption nor a probability but a certainty, an absolute certainty, a dogma of Faith.

But are You still the Mother of God? The title of mother never changes. For all eternity God will say unto You: "My Mother"... The giver of the fourth commandment shall honour You eternally, forever... Who are You, oh Mother of God?... And He, The God made Flesh delighted in calling Himself the Son of Man. Yet people did not understand this. And today there are so very few souls who understand and so flawed is still their understanding."

Fr. Maximilian, December, 8, 1938